The Kingdom of Ostea


Ostea, ruled by King Markus, is a kingdom in the south. Osteans are usually a peaceful and actively try to avoid conflict, but when provoked they unleash the full fury of their patron deity Logos, god of Logic and Reason. Ostean is a human country with a small amount of immigrants of dwarven and elven backgrounds. Recent advances by the Klattanians have forced Ostea to go into a wartime state.

Points of Interest

Ostea’s capital is also named Ostea, and is where the throne of King Markus is. Ostea is a large, well defended city that has many shops and merchants for the needs of any adventurer, whether they are just starting out or searching for a powerful magical item forged by human artisans. Ostea is a wealthy city, with clean streets and a large middle class comprised of merchants, shop owners and investors. Another large attraction in Ostea is the School of Higher Arts, where a collection of old and wise wizards research magic and come up with new spells. The High Order of Mages preside over the school and all magic users in Ostea, where dark blood magic is banned by law. Many mages from the school are sent out to seek and destroy groups of cultists who practice the outlawed schools, hoping to gain credit and renown from The School. Sometimes a cult can prove too powerful for the weak mages in training, and The School is forced to hire parties of adventurers to take them out.

To be Continued…


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